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Do you have any problems with your academic assignments or test essays? Read this helpful information and change your approach to academic writing forever!

8 Tips on Writing an Outstanding Homework or Test Essay

Posted at 05.25.2017 by

During your educational process, you will have to write a lot of essays of different kinds. No matter whether you deal with an argumentative essay or personal statement, there are some basic ideas on how to improve your writing skills. Hopefully, the information below will help you to succeed.Keep o...

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The College Board often changes SAT score range, making it rather confusing. Read about what is a good percentile for each of the three sections today.

SAT Score Range: What’s a High Result for the National Colleges?

Posted at 05.20.2017 by

The College Board changes SAT score range almost every year. Thus, the percentile students may earn per each of three sections also varies. According to the last news, SAT is scored on a range from 400 to 1600. You can’t get less than 400, but less than 90% is still not enough for further admissio...

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Having problems with your research paper? Please feel free to read information on formatting, basic structure, and ways to get the best project online.

Welcome to the Place Where You Can Learn How to Write A+ Research Paper

Posted at 05.16.2017 by

Students write research papers to earn grades. A research paper constitutes a great part of the course grade. Scholars and scientists complete these projects for further printing and protecting intellectual property with rights reserved. A research paper constitutes a significant share of the profes...

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Read this comparison article to understand what knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate in high school and college respectively.

How Are College Academics Different from High School Life?

Posted at 05.10.2017 by

Be ready that when you join college, you have less free time and more responsibilities than you used to have while studying at school. High school students expect that they will only party as the college freshmen, but there are many opportunities laying behind.Unlike high school, the college provide...

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It is important to learn how to format every page of your research paper if you want it to be published or available for printing one day.

Format for a Research Paper on the Example of APA Writing Guidelines

Posted at 05.02.2017 by

A research paper is a serious college task which is usually time-consuming. So, the first thing you should realize is you will have to start as soon as you receive paper’s instructions. It is important to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to writing every page of this assignment. Besides, you h...

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Notes are the most essential source for students to revise lecture material, so by taking the right notes you will make your studying process easier.

Making Notes – learn this science

Posted at 04.12.2017 by Kira

Every student knows that during the lecture you should make notes. But most of the time we don’t know how to do it correctly. Making notes is not just writing down every word or verbal shorthand. It is an integral part of studying process when you have to assimilate the lecture’s material quickl...

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Sick and tired of learning and cramming? Here are some tips how to crib. Use them in order to improve your performance, but be careful, it is not for everybody.

Cheating looks much more easy and alluring with our advices

Posted at 04.07.2015 by Mad Max

Being a student means attending classes, doing homework and research, and learning by heart, spending sleepless nights and, of course, having tests and exams. For students it is a real torture to spend endless hours cramming enormous amount of material in order to be ready for exam or test. As we kn...

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