How to Stay Focused, or How Not to Fall Asleep on Studies

How to Stay Focused, or How Not to Fall Asleep on Studies

Did you know that during reading, our attention is quite dissipated, which explains why we react to external stimuli and cannot focus our attention? Thus, we spend 20% to 40% of our time uselessly. Whereas there is always an opportunity to return to the previous page in case of reading, the situation is opposite when it comes to studies and classroom assignments.  So how to stay focused while studying to increase effectiveness and avoid the risks you miss out any important information?

How to stay focused: Effective tips

Attention distraction negatively affects the quality of our work and the time we spend on it. Consciously controlling the attention to a specific goal is quite a difficult task, which requires a lot of efforts and self-control skills. But knowing the principles of the brain functioning and physiology of the central nervous system, anyone can easily cope with this problem. So if you do not know how to stay focused in class, keep reading — we will reveal the most effective techniques, which will definitely help you!

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The knowledge of how to stay focused on goals is an important part of a successful person. Having acquired a skill to concentrate on a particular goal or a certain type of activity, you have a very good chance to achieve success. So let’s take a closer look at how to stay focused in life, whether it is reading, working on a homework assignment, or listening to a lecture at the university.

1. Make it a priority

One of the unique features of the brain is that its energy can be easily focused on what seems important to us. Thus, if all your actions are guided by a particular priority, then you will have much more attention and concentration since the brain will automatically engage in the process. Understanding that your future depends on the knowledge and skills acquired by you as a student and you benefit from your education only can help you make sure how to stay focused on studies. Therefore, give priority to education in your life, making a list of the benefits it can bring to you and remembering them well.

The most important advantage is that education influences all aspects of our life: spiritual, financial, professional, as well as personal affairs related to health and love.

2. Get rid of external irritants that interfere with the focus

The brain is made in such a way as to process all the information that reaches us, there should be no irritants around. Because of this feature, we can miss out a lot of valuable data. However, it is not a reason to blame yourself for being distracted by the circumstances surrounding you and not knowing how to stay focused at work. Just try to remove everything that disturbs you. Here is what you can do:

  • Ask your family to help you with how to stay focused on homework.
  • Ask your neighbor to turn off (or mute) noise irritants (TV, radio, etc.) during your classes.
  • If the sound still bothers you, use earplugs or headphones.
  • Keep books and other items of interest to you outside your room.
  • Turn off the mobile phone and close the door of your room.

All these small tips will help you know how to stay focused while reading and the top efficiency when working on homework.

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3. Think about studies only

Get rid of the worst enemies of attention concentration — extraneous thoughts. After you close the door of your room, turn off the TV and radio, and put earplugs in your ears, you are to turn off all useless thoughts. Even when opening a book and staring at it, you find yourself thinking about completely different things! It is quite natural that various thoughts are surfing in your head. However, if you want to know how to stay focused during a test or work, direct all your thoughts to the specific direction.

4. Use some special techniques

Use some simple techniques to train yourself how to stay focused in school or at home and do a lot of work with little effort and time resources.

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Take a deep breath every 10 minutes.
  • Mentally ask questions on the topic while listening to a lecture or studying material to focus the attention of your brain on the topic.

The moment you ask a question and concentrate your attention on the material being studied, extraneous thoughts leave your head. In addition, whatever subject you study, you will better understand it. Keep asking questions for 3-4 weeks, and you will have a habit of focussing all your attention whenever you want.

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5. Stick to a schedule

Strictly following the schedule hours, you feel calm and confident in the fact that you have time to complete all the material before the test. A sense of calm helps better concentration during classes because there is no tension. Let it become your golden that will teach you how to stay focused in college or at work and become an A student. You may already be sticking to some sort of schedule, but when using it regularly, you get all the following benefits:

  • Concentration during the class
  • Life without stress
  • Enough time to develop the skills needed for a better life

Follow or not to follow?

The quality of our work and efficiency depends on the ability to focus our attention and mental resources. In addition, the problem of attention distraction not only adversely affect our performance but also on emotional and mental health, which worsens even more as a result of attempts to concentrate. For the healthy and efficient consciousness functioning, the well-being of mental resources, you should never forget how to stay focused and motivated. Keep your mind in a good shape!