Cheating looks much more easy and alluring with our advices

Cheating looks much more easy and alluring with our advices

Being a student means attending classes, doing homework and research, and learning by heart, spending sleepless nights and, of course, having tests and exams. For students it is a real torture to spend endless hours cramming enormous amount of material in order to be ready for exam or test. As we know that necessity is the mother of inventions, so students start to create new methods to avoid swoting up. And it is called cheating. Students’ imagination is infinite, so number of types of cheating is great. Of course, it is frowned upon, but fortunately some teachers understand that cheating is not so bad. First of all, while preparing and making cribs student reads through the material and highlights the most important points. In this case some information stays in their memory and subconsciously they learn it. Some professors even allow students to cheat as they think that if the person knows something, he knows how to cheat, but if he is absolutely unaware of the topic then even professor’s notebook with answers won’t help him. In this article we will tell about the most popular ways of cheating so some students may find it useful and helpful.

How to cheat

There are three main and the most wide-spread methods of cheating – cribs, copying off from your partner and the method “Difficult to prove”. Don't get caught. Cheating helps you only if you can do it. Here some simple tips how not to be caught at cheating:

  • Don't cause suspicion. You should learn how to copy answers and not to do it obviously. For this purpose, you don't spin too much. If you need to look around, never detain the look at one place more than five/ten seconds. You look in different directions and thus, your teachers will have no suspicions, and they don't find out from where you write off.
  • Don't have big ideas. It is quite possible to write off and to get highest mark if to use the best efforts but if all others receive low results, you will draw too much attention to yourself. It is normal if you usually receive good marks but if teachers know that you are one of weak students, then there is a probability that they will guess. Pass some questions on purpose, and thus, you will have good result. We advise at first to get C or B and gradually to increase the result until there is A - remember, it needs to be done slowly.
  • Get rid of proofs. As soon as the test ended, ask to go to the bathroom and wash away or throw out any proofs of writing off. The longer you keep it, the more chances that you will be caught because somebody will notice anyway.


  • Get all information that you need. It can be formulas, dates, terms, outlines, definitions, names and so on.
  • Write or print out information correctly. The font has to be good, the average size (not too big, not too small). In spite of the fact that you will want to write as much information as possible on a small sheet of paper, remember that if the font is too small, you will need to concentrate on a crib, the probability of being caught increases. If you can print your crib, do it. It will reduce the risk of that your teacher or professor will guess that it is your crib.
  • Hide your crib.
  • Print a crib on a color sheet of paper which reminds a label on a bottle with water. Then paste it on this label and turn so that it would be visible only to you.
  • Write your crib on different parts of your body. For girls it is better to write on the thigh or hip, and for boys it is better to use forearm or wrist. These parts are easier to hide with your clothes.
  • Hide it where nobody would think that it is yours. It can be on the back of the chair, in the bathroom, on the board, in the bag or on the door.

Copying off from your partner

  • Sit behind the one who writes tests well. Sit down as far as possible on the left or on the right that on a diagonal you could see his or her desk. So you will be able to look through their shoulder and not to move your head. Never sit behind that student who sits either in the center of a class or at the first desk as the teacher can notice that you cheat.
  • Create special signs with your partner so you can tell each other answers without moving your head and looking around.

“Difficult to prove”

  • Find the teachers book. If you know that your teacher uses “teacher’s book” with ready tests, get this book and just copy the answers or do this test at home before the class.
  • Find the new or old variant of the test. Probably some students have already done this test last year or at previous class. They can share with you this test or answers.
  • Some teachers give more than one period to write the test. So don’t hurry, remember the questions, find answers at home and continue it next class.

All in all cheating can be useful, but instead of searching “how to cheat” try to look for “how to learn better”. Good luck and don’t get caught.