8 Tips on Writing an Outstanding Homework or Test Essay

8 Tips on Writing an Outstanding Homework or Test Essay

During your educational process, you will have to write a lot of essays of different kinds. No matter whether you deal with an argumentative essay or personal statement, there are some basic ideas on how to improve your writing skills. Hopefully, the information below will help you to succeed.

Keep on Reading All the Time

It’s not enough to dedicate time just to writing. Without reading the necessary information, you won’t be able to cover the topic in full. When it comes to working on the next paragraph, go back to your book or article and read the section which contains the answer to the next question or a clue to your argument.

  1. Link your points together by reading what you have already written. While working on your paragraphs, you may forget the important ideas from the first section, so you have to waste time on reading them again to make your essay flow logically.
  2. This procedure helps to select the keywords for the upcoming paragraphs. Repeating the same words may improve your coherence, but it works only with special terms and meaningful English words. Articles and prepositions only create wordiness, so they don’t count.

Select Your Best Topic Based on Great Ideas

IELTS is not testing your intelligence. We can say the same about other entrance or supporting English language tests. The main goal is not to be smart, but reflect what you have learned and memorized by heart.

The applicants who come from an academic background got acquainted with the grading system where they are evaluated with respect to both quality and quality of their ideas. In the case of IELTS or TOEFL, it is real to earn 9.0 for the band essay without adding key “academic” points.

Invest some time in putting down all topics you feel comfortable with. Choose only the best idea out of the list. Write your essay on a narrow question instead of choosing a broad field.

Discuss What You Know for Sure

As a rule, the questions on those nasty tests are developed by the teachers and professors worldwide so that you will have a great pool of topics. If you feel stressed about choosing topics for your homework or examination essays, you may first work with the free online essay examples. They contain only the best ideas to discuss.

No matter how good you are in the specific field, still use library and internet to find more information on the topic of your choice. You may miss some important, up-to-date details. As the world is changing dynamically, most of the teachers want to see the fresh information.

Selecting Sources Wisely

When you write an essay, you have to prove a particular point to your reader. That’s is why it is important to include information from the primary sources into your paragraphs. The structure of any essay must be complete:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs (2-5)
  3. Conclusion paragraph
  4. Bibliography

The last point is also called Works Cited or References Page. When you use the words of other people, cite them correspondingly in your text and include the full reference at the end of your essay (on the last page after the conclusion). It must be a separate page with the list of all different sources you used in alphabetical order. It is better to take notes in the shape of full source’s name each time you insert the words of other people. Then, it would be easy to make a Bibliography by following these notes.

To attract the attention of your target audience with the first line of introduction, you also may use citation or interesting fact from the sources you found.

Develop Different Approaches to Creating Introduction and Conclusion

Starting your introduction with the new idea is not a good point. It may contain the words of other authors, facts, statistics, or even a joke. Leave new ideas for your essay’s conclusion. To leave a positive impression on your reader, it is important to share new ideas and approaches to solving the discussed problem.

Keep in mind that cheating is not always the best way out. However, you may improve your cheating techniques by reading the time-tested tips from smart students.

Examples are Always Simpler Than Detailed Interpretations

From time to time, a student faces the need to explain certain terms or events. It might take a plenty of time and efforts to provide a detailed description. If you don’t understand certain words, it is better to avoid this problem by thinking about some vivid examples. Readers love examples eve more than descriptions and explanations. It is better to take examples from real life. You can give an example from your own life if you write an admissions essay.

Try Not to Overload Your Paper

Some students love writing, so they come up with pages of useless information. It is the last thing you need to do as your instructor is not paid for extra hours of checking your essays.

  • Provide only relevant information which answers your main question.
  • Follow the instructions: if it says to write 300 words, do not include 350 words or more. However, don’t write less as well.
  • Save your time!
  • Take into account that greater amounts of words may lead to more mistakes.
  • Give yourself more time to pick the best words instead of putting down just everything on the topic and off topic.
  • It is better to leave more time to check the final essay draft.

Follow the Essay Structure

  1. Your introduction always must begin with the hook and end up with your thesis statement (the main point of the whole essay).
  2. Your body paragraphs must always begin with the argument which supports your thesis sentence.
  3. The conclusion should restate the thesis, summarize the arguments from the body paragraphs, and give several new ideas for the future.

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