How to Write Personal Statement

How to Write Personal Statement
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write Personal Statement
  2. What is personal statement?
  3. What to write about in a personal statement
  4. 8 Useful tips on writing a personal statement
  5. Writing a draft of an application essay

Writing a personal statement is an essential part of a university application. It gives every student a great chance to describe their ambitions, skills, values, experience, and motivation to take part in the study program to admission staff. They should tell a compelling personal story that shows off their strengths and explains why they are fit for a place in a chosen course. This piece of writing is actually a short reflective essay and it will be read by the admissions committee of the university you apply to. Your goal is to demonstrate your passion for the chosen field. Your paper should convince them you are the best applicant so they should offer you a place. Actually, you should do your best to sell yourself. So how can you make your personal application essay stand out and help you become a winner in the selection process? Here are our top tips to consider if you want to boost your chances for the success. Lack necessary skill and are not sure you can do it right? You can hire a professional writer and ask them to help you cope with this task.

What is personal statement?

The first things that usually come to mind when students start thinking about what it takes to get to college or university are high test scores and good grades. But a personal statement is an important application component as well. It gives young people the most control and the best opportunities to tell the admissions committee something special. This piece of writing can give admissions officers an insight into who you are as a person, what your future goals are and what your motivation is for pursuing them. A well-written personal reflective essay can demonstrate the level of your development, your dedication to a chosen career as well as your strong communication skills. That’s why every student should put a lot of effort into creating a powerful essay which can enhance their chances for admission. 

There are 2 types of personal statements. A general personal essay gives students much freedom about what to write about. This type of paper is required when students apply for law schools or medical schools. Those who want to apply for business or graduate schools, have to write an essay where they respond to very specific questions. 

What to write about in a personal statement

Luckily, the prompts are broad enough so students can write of whatever they want as long as it relates to their chosen essay question. You’ll need to spend some time brainstorming your ideas to come up with a meaningful topic that will allow you to create an engaging story which reveals something new about your personality, important values, and key life experience. Here are some suggestions which can help you get started.

  • You can explain why you made a decision to apply for a specific study program – tell about your personal ambitions and mention why you are interest in a specific subject.
  • You may tell about specific events or people which had an impact on your personal development and explain how they helped to shape your personality.
  • Think of something that makes you suitable for a specific course – it can be a relevant work experience, volunteering, specific achievements and skills. 
  • Highlight extracurricular activities. Speak of relevant hobbies, interests, and interesting activities which make you unique and explain how they influenced your course choice. 

8 Useful tips on writing a personal statement

  • Tell a memorable personal story which reveals your unique personality through concrete experiences.
  • Make sure you always answer the prompt. If you are applying to several schools and they have different requirements, you may need to write separate essays for each of them.
  • Be specific. Always back your statements with relevant examples, reasons etc.
  • Find an interesting opening sentence that grabs your audience’s attention. Think of something surprising, funny or unusual. 
  • It’s critical to make your essay your own work. Use only your own ideas – you need to write about yourself and not about somebody else. 
  • Tell what you know about the field you hope to enter. Mention sources of information from which you have learned about a specific future career you would like to pursue and explain why you believe you are suited to it.
  • Avoid clichés. Filling your essay with clichés will make it impersonal and dull. 
  • Be honest and don’t try to create a false image. 

Writing a draft of an application essay

A reflective essay has the same basic structure as other personal essays and consists of 3 key parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The main goal of an introduction is presenting a topic and grabbing readers’ attention. Formulate a strong and highly specific thesis at the end the introduction and support it with logical argument in the essay’s body. Think about several key points which will help you support the thesis. Start each body paragraphs with a topic sentence and explain it in the next one. Always give relevant examples for illustrating each point. Use transition words and phrases which will help readers follow the logic of your argument. End the essay with a convincing conclusion that can make a final powerful impression on readers.

Start working on this piece of writing as early as possible. In this way, you will have more time for revising, editing, and proofreading it. Reread the final draft and fix minor mistakes and typos.

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