Thesis For A Research Paper: Write The Best Thesis Argument

Thesis For A Research Paper: Write The Best Thesis Argument
Table of Contents
  1. Thesis For A Research Paper: Write The Best Thesis Argument
  2. Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples:
  3. How To Write A Research Paper Thesis: Top Tips For Writers
  4. Writing A Great Paper: A Few Tricks For Authors
  5. Final Word

As you probably already know, the main purpose of the thesis statement is to show the main idea of any essay or research paper. The thesis is the most important part of any writing, so you know that you have to spend a lot of time and effort on making it good. The thesis statement should sound simple but still strong and clear. Usually, a thesis statement is usually one sentence, sometimes — two. The best way to learn how to write your research thesis well is to learn from the experience of other writers. Here is a guide with the best research paper thesis statement examples and some tips on how to write a thesis for a research paper well.

Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples:

Here are thesis statement examples for research paper that are going to help you improve your thesis and writing in general.

  • Companies need to use the potential of the Internet, and websites are a great way to promote the products.

This is an example of a bad thesis for a research paper. It gives you two statements instead of one, and it’s hard to understand what your final claim is. It’s best to write a thesis statement this way:

There are many great possibilities available online, but the best way to succeed on the Internet is to use the websites for marketing and advertising purposes.

  • College these days should be changed.

This was an example of a poorly written thesis statement. It gives a very abstract point of view and doesn’t discuss a specific problem. It’s a very common mistake that a beginning writer would make. Try to avoid such topics. Here is a better thesis example:

Nowadays, we should revise the college system and let students have more free time and adaptable schedule.

  • Reading helps you to become better.

When you make a thesis statement you should not only state what you think but also provide an explanation of why something happens or matters. It shouldn’t be just a fact — you should also give information about the main subject or show your position.

The process of reading improves your speech, vocabulary, comprehension skills, and expands readers’ attention span by boosting your brain activity.

Of course, these research paper thesis statement examples are not the only one. The process of making your thesis better takes time, so try to learn as much as possible from other writers.

How To Write A Research Paper Thesis: Top Tips For Writers

The core rule of becoming a better writer is constantly studying and learning from your own mistakes. In this article, we have got recommendations for both young and experienced writers on different matters. Here are the best tips on writing a great thesis statement:

  • Don’t just state the topic in your thesis — it’s boring. You should not only present the main issue in the thesis but also explain why it matters why your opinion is important and can make a change. Your thesis statement should be specific. Don’t discuss universal subjects, instead, try on making a focus on something more special.
  • If you are not sure how your thesis statement should sound, ask questions. What do you want to others to learn from your text? Who is your reader? Why does your main point matter to the issue and how does it discuss the subject? Give honest answers and based on them you will know how to build your thesis. “So what?” question can also help you find reasons why your subject and thoughts on it are important.
  • Include only one idea in your main argument. When you are working on a thesis statement and have many ideas for it, write a list of them and choose only one — the one which presents your point from the clearest perspective.
  • Don’t make your thesis statement one page long — no more than 3 sentences. That’s a golden rule you should follow.

Writing A Great Paper: A Few Tricks For Authors

No one is perfect, and if you are going to become a great writer you have to work on knowing basic things and rules. In this article, we have also got for you some tips on writing amazing papers. In order to succeed at writing outstanding research, read and reread this text and remember everything.

  • Search for trusted academic sources that can be used for your research. These can be academic databases, websites recommended by your college, books, articles, journals.
  • Always cite other resources that were quoted in your text. You don’t want to violate any copyright laws!
  • Write an outline. It should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. As you probably already know, your intro should grab the future readers’ attention, while each of the body paragraphs will support your main idea with the argument in favor of it and evidence. The conclusion sums up all of the ideas and gives final feedback on the text. New information shouldn’t be included in the summary!
  • Write more than one draft. Your thoughts and ideas constantly change, so it’s better to go to your previous notes to revise and change them. Maybe you will decide to improve the structure of your text or investigate your subject a little bit more — all of the changes are fine.

Final Word

The path of a writer has always been hard to follow, but, no doubts, seeing the final results of your work has always brought many great feelings. If you ever feel like giving up remember one thing: you may not see it, but you might really close to something great. There will always be hard times, and during those, you shouldn’t put your head down and forget about the entire work you have done. As Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. Believe in yourself, and you will achieve everything and not only a great thesis statement.